In Time With You- Episode 11 Recap

In time With You

Episode 11

Another dummy couple is born… Continue reading


In Time With You- Episode 10 Recap

I need to see this face more often!

In time with you

Episode 10


Dramas are a wondrous thing, they make you fall in love and hate some character only to fiddle with those emotions and sometimes make you eat your tongue. In this episode, I began to find someone cute who I completely hated for the fact that she existed, I could find only wrong with her. Now I’m not so sure.

ITWY has become the Moping/Brooding drama of the year, I think that there’s not one episode without Da Ren or You Qing doing one or both of these things. However if they can just get on with it, I’ll forgive them everything… Continue reading

In Time With You- Episode 9 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 9


I hate the distance that’s been growing between our friends because someone ::cough:: Da Ren ::cough:: is too timid to confess and the other one is too obtuse to notice. I think that top picture demonstrates my feelings about how they are right now perfectly: They’re all divided by the black that are the secrets they keep from each other. People, just come clean~

I wonder if the director suddenly became sadistic and wanted me to dislike everything that I loved about Da Ren in the beginning. However that is not to say that I dislike him, it’s just I want him to become more aggressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how many times I’ve said that already, but I really mean it!. Continue reading

In Time With You- Episode 6 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 6

Intro Commentary

I think this episode has a lot of misunderstandings. Finally some are faced and fixed and others are still festering waiting to explode.  I want everything to come out in the open, I want them(You Qing mostly in this ep) to really listen to what they’re saying. I want them to use their incredible bond to notice how much more than friends they are. I swear this relationship they have has more love, more devotion and honest to goodness caring than many marriages! They have a lot going for them and I hope they realize it SOON! or I’m going to die… I swear I’m about to self-destruct, implode, or what have you.

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